It is always the same thing. You start to write the book. You write it. Time passes. Suddenly you notice you started to write another book.

Stick to it. Know it is the only place to write down all of it. It does not matter, the subject changed his view and point in life.

It does not matter the individual changed his beliefs.

It does not matter you were not being focused before.

You are focused now. That is the whole point of reading.

When you become the writing, the writer is not needed any more.

You can throw him away, forget him or suddenly not know he existed.

His thoughts are not the thoughts written down. You should have noticed that before.

The body does the reading.

Let it write then.

Enjoy the writing. Look at its birthing. Look how it breathes knowledge from within.

Look at the fractal nature of the writing. Always branching, always growing. Always here, not really gone.

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