It was a room. There are always rooms. Dreaming in rooms. The psilocybe cubensis were growing in the pile of sand in the middle of the room. I knew they had to be protected. I knew there were people coming to destroy everything. There were two more people, they helped me build a sand castle, so the shrooms were burried inside the sand. That did not help. The castle was destroyed, so I went on picking the fruit bodies. They were very small and covered with sand. I was kinda sad, but in another way somewhat enjoying the events. I wanted to clean the shrooms in the bathroom. The shrooms changed. They were wasted. Then a mass of people came down the hallway. I went and stood firmly on the entrance to our rooms, determined to not let them pass. They looked very angry, like a pile of zombies. They came and I shouted to their leader, they can not go through.

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