What is Switching?

Switching is more about love than about the things. But what are things, if not the love that we put into them. What are things without beholding hands to cherish them. Sometimes we can simply give things to others and receive the love receiving. Sometimes we can simply exchange or switch stuff with others, because we can. Because there are so many things we can switch between us.

So how does it work?

  1. You choose the thing You want from
  2. You press the SWITCH button.
  3. An email template with the selected thing comes up.
  4. You now describe what You want to switch the selected thing with, what are You giving in exchange.
  5. Add Your shipping address and send the email!

Your "switch request" email will be forwarded to the Artist that listed the selected thing. Soon You will receive a response directly from the Artist, confirming the switch or not.

If the Artist does want to switch his thing with Yours, then You simply prepare Your thing for shipping and ship it through Your post. You pay for the shipping of Your thing and the Artist pays for the shipping of his thing, unless You communicate other forms with the Artist.

When You receive Your selected thing, and the Artist receives Your thing, the Artist will update the relevant post and mark it as SWITCHED!

How can I trust the Artist that I will receive my thing?

You will have direct contact with the Artist.