just integrated into a hugo theme inside a rubyongo webshop.

it feels really cool, having Svelte on top of a static site, inside a hugo theme, inside a rubyongo webshop app for

the simplicity of it all is mind-boggling.

my next goal is to create a simple frontend for Shopify data, which could be transferred via simple good ol' CSV, but definitely will be trying out fetching via graphql and private app access from the Svelte app code. making the static come to life. ii'll be able to quickly modify content via standard and proven Hugo static site generator, and combine it with the power of reactive programming on the frontend.

all ii did to achieve this merger is take the Svelte project template and stuff it into a hugo/rubyongo theme by eyeballing some folders and slowly getting rid of a some self-introduced JS errors. feels like ii changed the world with this 'crazy' coding drama in just a couple of hours. but a static site running a lightweight dynamic frontend is just what ii need and want, in order to keep the final product price low and my taste for software satisfied.

yes, there's going to be a very cool web product, built by Manitu him self. not to mention all the nice new webshops you will be getting for free... :)

and don't forget to order your green hemp shirt from, if you're already here.

stay tuned. don't fall for the media. read kitschmaster.

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