while sleeping on it and letting my self indulge in many other coding sessions ii came back to the Eclipse working environment to tackle my app idea further.

this time ii gave the emulator more time to convince me that it actually works. and after waiting for almost three minutes (iMac24" 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM) my Hello World program appeared.

well. not straight up into the void, ii had to click through to the apps list.

ii am still very confused by the strange buttons ii experienced on the emulator, some of them even had the same function in different scenarios.

this is where ii had to take a break and look up some Android programming books to quickly photo read them and gain instant insight into coding.

ohoho, ii did get in sighted!

from the first reading it seems the java programing world is now infested with XML editing even more than it was in the olden days. ii saw plenty of XML editing to get UI and even animations up and running. it feels like ii am being distracted from the java programming language so ii can get lost in strange XML definitions of UI elements and even animations.

well, yes. right now, the concept of an Android app is even more vague to me than it was on day one.

to me it looks like the Android system is not really designed to control stupid mobile devices, but man-like or humanoid devices. you know, those automatons humanoid looking with legs or arms and such and composed of biological materials and such... yes, to me it looks like Android is supposed to develop into an operating system for man-like robots.

what will they be used for actually?

war or peace?

money or freedom.

freedom of money, is why ii am doing this. by coding this app ii will gain insight into the future of mankind according to Google.

yes, according to Apple, the future is star trek.

is the future of Google star wars?

ii will find out in the next part of my first Android app.

code coming too, if ii will see any :)


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