as soon as ii saw my swedish friend arrive ii began to work on an owl sitting on an owl, which is sitting on the single eyed being. ii knew he would buy the piece, because a year before he was trying to convince my friend and great artist Vasja Kavčič to make an owl for him. they did not take it to the next level, because the price was set to high. Vasja Kavčič would have created a perfect owl for roughly €700, but ii quickly carved out some kitsch for €50. the next day my swedish friend came by and asked me if the piece is for sale and ii had money in my pocket, just as ii imagined a day ago.

the lucky one sees luck coming and prepares for it.

Created in Preflower_eye_yellow single eye being 11.10.2012 06:50, updated almost 11 years ago by Miha
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