Trop trop bon!! Real Hip-Hop!! & Soul radio!!! – ★★★★★ by Fatty’s iPhone – Version 1.4 – 12 February 2010

Petite appli très simpliste mais le son déchire!! Même avec un réception faible (GPRS) sa plutôt pas mal! Manquerer juste au moin le titre de la chanson et l’artiste qui passe… A voir sur une nouvelle version!? Maj!!! Truc de fou depuis la maj sa déchire!! On peut dersormais voir l’artiste et le nom de la chanson! Merci aux devs!!!!


Xfin!! – ★★★★★ by Drumen – Version 1.4 – 25 February 2010

Les doy mi enorabuena a los programadores de una de las mejores radios que he escuchado, ha mejorado la cobertura y eso se agradece! No cambio mi opinión sobre la música emitida ya que es muy muy muy buena cualquiera de las 3 emisoras diferentes que hay en la aplicación. Solo seme ocurre un Control de volumen para aplaudir por todo lo alto, pero aun asi les otorgo 5 estrellas claramente.


Fresh! – ★★★★★ by Benedictcalland – Version 1.4 – 23 May 2010

Love this app, the freshest choons on demand!

Slamming good tunes! – ★★★★★ by FranklyZappa – Version 1.4 – 26 March 2010

This is some mothafunking good sheet! If you like your grooves rare and served up with no fools chatting crap get this! This app has introduced me to music I would have never found myself and my collection just keeps growing! iTunes may not be much use with these tracks, but it Is all out there………. If ya know where to look…….. Love the tunes……… No idea what the hell the photos have to do with anything? This is my favorite music app 5*****


Happy! – ★★★★★ by MaeveGavin – Version 1.4 – 14 February 2010

I love this station since the update. Would be 5 stars if I could run it in the backround of other apps. 5 stars!!! Now I can run in background. I love nula!

Word – ★★★★★ by AceOneKhan – Version 1.4 – 11 February 2010

Real smooth app. Good music with real flava. Great idea with office dips at work. Thank you for the update! Yo, you are able to listen while using other apps, hit the “i” when your in the app, it’ll tell you how. Listening to it while writing this! Peace.

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