it is not a coincidence that you are reading this book.

i always wanted to write it and i always knew you would read it.

it took me years and years before i actually did it. i wanted to be sure in my heart, what would be read is true now.

so, what is true? what is true for me. why was i unable to write this book.

truth is mostly about forgiveness. basically about love for life.

i knew what i would be reading, but i had to make sure, i would be living it before i wrote it.

it is also about growing up. but not that kind of growing up. i never wanted to be the usual grownup kind of being. i wanted real knowledge.

i did not want to act my life, i wanted to stay childlike. the birth of my children made this feeling of being thoughtless and childlike even more stronger.

i just could not understand how the grownup world works. i was unable to accept the way it is setup. i never understood the meaning of money, although i always tried to think of it as energy.

suddenly i found my self reading my own book and not feeling guilty about it. i was even enjoying it, because it reminded me, that i am already living it.

i can not prove it, but you had to grow up too. you would not be reading this, if you would not be ripe to receive this information.

every sentence in this book is here to give to you what you want. not what you think you want but what you really want. you as in spirit.

there is not one moment of realization. there are many. one can get enlightened every day.

each day a new chance to do it better than the previous day. to repeat thy self in a slightly better more shiny way.

i never did it the way others told me to.