MakeMoney is not an ordinary story. It uplifts this soul.

Now this soul is uplifted, and I have overcome the fear of sharing information with the world.

I am free, my wings have grown strong and I am prepared to show you how to uplift this soul.

So you can join me in the clouds of the blissful.

All source code within this story is here given to you to use free as you want.

Remember always, this story can empower you, to uplift your soul.

With this book you become connected with everyone else who read it.

You can use this powerful source of uplifted souls, to give you strength in week moments of daily struggles.

It is enough to know this, it is enough to read this story once, and you suddenly own all its empowering willpower.

You are here to be, you are here, because you are already there, where you want to be.

This is just a little turn, a little stop, a point in life where your dream can suddenly overgrow the planet.

I know, you have tried to find out the truth. Stop. You found it. You are the truth. You are the main reason for anything.

Remember always, this story is here because you attracted it.

Listen to your thought, observe every phenomena, know where it originates. You are the source. You are cause, you are the eternal effect.

Own everything from now on. Put your desire in front of all else. Follow that willpower.

Attract what you want (happiness, health, abundance, success, ...), by acting like you already have it.

Know. You have it. Remember always, you could wake up any day and it is simply here.

By reading this story, your visions will become strong and vivid.

From now on you are able to imagine the unimaginable and then live that.

All knowledge is based on life experience and there is no need to prove anything in this story.

This story is the simplest code.

From now on you are a millionaire, it is enough to act like one, to be one.

You know you are the life artist, be, do, act like one.

Breathe awareness, you were born a Master Yogi.

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