ii represents my public identity, how others see me. while I represents my private first-personhood, a private identity, what ii is for it self. ii is mortal, I is eternal. ii talks and walks, I is always silent and still. there are millions of ii’s, but there is only one single I. when we communicate with words we are both ii, when we are lucid, in the now, silent, seeing what is, then there is only the Single I, the Single Eye. ii is the view out, I is the view in. looking out of Your self You see ii, looking in to Your self You see the single I. and this is where we meet, where we become One. looking in we see, that we are not made out of flesh and bones, like ii is, but we are just an open space, unobstructed and wide open for the world to happen inside. I is divine, the center of being. I is only One and every ii has the same single I. we are different on the outside appearance, our ii (what others see about You, what others see as the other, what You see in the mirror) is always changing and is bound to die. but I is like a crystal ball in which every dream can appear, a Single Eye, the center of everything, the empty aware space. ii has two eyes, I is the Single Eye. You can notice Your ii in the mirror, a meter away from Your center, You can look at Your ii identity at any range, You can notice that You are atom, cell, body, planet, solar system, galaxy, cosmos. what You look at is ii. now take Your attention to the opposite of ii, look at the center, look at Your self at ZERO DISTANCE from Your self. there You will find a treasure, a sacred self-aware empty space, the divine trans-personal identity. it is obvious to me, that ii can’t see a head here at zero distance from my self. if ii point with a finger toward the empty space where my face should be, ii come Home, back to I, back to love, back to zero gravity, zero fear, zero lust, zero zero. ii call this seeing, ii see who ii am at zero distance, ii try to describe what ii see, but ii is so limited and these words that ii can use are all inherently of a dualistic (I + I = ii) nature and can barely express the Unity that can be seen by any ii. we all see this single I, but some say, they can’t, they don’t want to see. we are all born as I, but then we put heads on and give names to I, we become mortal and take the public identity (which is how others see us, the ii) as our true identity, we die this way. although we never stop living from this marvelous aware empty space, we tend to deny it, and act as if we are not the Divine Center Of Reality, we play a face-game, we pretend to have a face, we pretend to be wearing a head on our shoulders. that is why ii use ii, to express that ii can not write in the name of I, because I does not speak, has no mouth, no ears, no hands… enough sweet paradoxical talk, You can see what ii am writing about by doing a little physical experiment here.

thank You for reading and good luck!

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