Being god is hard and easy.

The mayan calendar is coming to an end. Or in other words, another more than 13000 year period of time begins.

Who are you in this great time? Are you just a numbered person, an account for bills? Or are you simply that awareness, which is alive throughout all time periods.

You have always been watching the unfolding of time periods. And you do it from an out of time space, right now, as you read this message.

It is from your self.

There is only one.

It is you, the out of time experience, who looks at the hands and legs.

Who else could it be, than you, divinity. Who else would be alive right now, still, after all those time periods!

It is you, the living one, who is standing up all through to this very moment!

This is not your life, it isn't death either, this is an out of time experience, the source of light seeing it's manifestation, an empty space, with arms and legs.

It's you god. Only you are real, only you are reality.

It's you goddess. You are your own mother.

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