ii recently decided to port RadioNULA over to the other market, the droid market.

Android apps are coded in java and most of the user interface is defined through various XML files.

six years ago ii was sitting in an office working as the only java (JBoss and J2EE) programmer mostly. it was the most boring and irritating work. ii hated it and could not wait to get out of the stupid office, full of SmallTalk programmers, who had no clue what ii was coding.

so ii have extensive experience coding stupid business logic in the java language. will this be enough to put code a radio streaming app?

ii know it will, the question is only, how much will ii enjoy it and how much will ii not enjoy it.

ii experienced the first lack of joy when the Android SDK opened up on the iMac screen. it was not centered, all its windows were on the upper left. ii felt like: "wtf?, ii have to look to the right first, to be able to go deeper into shit?"

yes, and so ii centered the windows and took a good look of the Eclipse working environment. being an XCode-pro for six years and looking into that mess of light, ii was struck again by the simplicity of Eclipse being able to deliver over-complexity so easy.

why do these java programmers always use so strange names for stuff, were my thoughts when ii created an Activity inside a new project and named it Nula Activity.

then ii created a virtual device. ii choose the defaults and hit the run button.

and there it came again, discomfort while looking at an emulator that displays a badly animated android logo.

no hello world in the first pass? and this is a 21st century SDK?

in such moments ii naturally feel to let go and continue working with XCode or ruby or chop wood. but in this case ii had to not let go and continue down the rabbit hole.

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