well, basically it is about fear.

the fear can be removed by exploring it deeper by feeling it.

feeling it is allowed.

seeing that there is no head on ones shoulders involves letting go of fear.

You were indoctrinated to love fear.

You are now being unschooled.

the miracle of being among these colors, not as a part of color, not as a screen for color, but as divine space for the miracle of being among.

the one without a head is attribute less, so there are no constitutions, really. it is about this liberty to allow this one mind to expand and see it self manifested in this one colorless color, not as part of it, not as a screen for it, but as divine source.

being the youniverse, is children playing.

a Youniverse with one mind, one body, one soul.

a headless universe with the ability to move the universe (which is itself) by the means of feet. a headless being capable of molding the universe (it self) with a set of extraordinary, magic, lucid hands.

a mind at large, everywhere, the stars are its crown, that is the Youniversal mind.

a body beyond measure, it is everywhere, You are the - wtf? - planet.

and there has never been many souls, it's just You, the Youniverse has one soul only. You are all of them. You are those who You call "the others", You are those who You see with heads, You are those beings who You call "creatures", You are those colors who You call "plants", You are the limited awareness of the those who You call "ants" and You are the beyond reason immersive capacity for divinity.

You are the very ecstatic core of the universe, You are the universe, you-universe, youniverse.

this code and any other code is here, because You are here. You power the universe. You are universal, everywhere, You are timeless elastic time, You are a spiritual adventure.

since ii released the donation button ii received one donation, which felt fantastic, thank You(niverse).

the InAppPurchases are not doing good, there was no water in the river for months. so ii am thinking of releasing them for free and instead find some funding or have a more appealing donation system.

ii don't know, as usually, but. if, then, else.

ii am sure the Youniverse will figure it self out, do the right thing, code the right code, press the right button. but until ii go code the third major release of Lucid Reality Check, ii will make sure my house is well insulated, so it will be burning less of the precious wood. it is an old house, with thick stone walls, seems like it was built for a village king, or was it a shaman? but the shaman actually did not live at the time of the erection of the building, but much latter, two hundred years later to be precise. so how did the shaman pull this trick? well, he did it by not even knowing it.

if Your dreams are as fun as mine, then You are already headless, You-niversal, You don't know, whateva.

and You already know how to do it, to get back here, to go at large, to feel immense, invincible, balanced.

that is it, good recall and a pure awareness desire burning deeper than any of the mortal colors. what a marvelous cavern of the heart You are.

enjoy thy self
Your Youniversal Programmer

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