ii recently went and analyzed my iPhone Developer sales.

sales image

ii am not making any real money, so it seems. with all my apps combined ii made roughly 50€ in 90 days of sale. ii would love to say "not bad".

ii really appreciated it when ii got this 5 star review today:

The interface and icons look a little home-made, and they are selling a ton of separate IAP that would certainly be overpriced if you really bought all (or even several) of them. And here's why I don't mind: - I don't need any of the IAP. I want state-check reminders throughout the day, push-driven without leaving an app running, and this delivers that. Other free apps I tried did not work as well. (I haven't tried any paid ones.) - This has some nice touches: custom messages in the push notification (I could even display emoji in them). Non-blinding night mode (although it doesn't much matter: the notifications are enough, so I hardly ever launch the app itself). And random alert sounds. That's clever, because I want to train myself to do a state check often, all the time, no matter what, NOT in response to one certain sound. (I use this in the day to form habits, not at night.) It has other features, but I don't need them personally. - The IAP is not in your face; it's easy to ignore. There are no reminders of it unless you try to USE something you haven't bought. I'm tempted to buy something to support the developer, but I feel no pressure to do so. - The iADs are equally easy to ignore. They're not full-screen and they don't crowd out anything important. - It's free! I can put up with some ugly graphic design at that price.

it made me think. should ii now polish the graphics, remove all the InAppPurchases, add some new features and make the app a payed app.

hmmm... my heart tells me ii would rather see more InAppPurchases. ii would rather see You support the developers family by buying those extra packs of sounds and that amazing Dream Recorder.

ii handcrafted the Dream Recorder in a long month of full time development, design and programming. roughly 4weeks * 8hours per day * 7days per week * 50€ per hour = 11200€. if someone would have payed me that amount ii would be able to pay my bills for a couple of years.

ii already have everything ii desire. but my children don't, and she also gets upset frequently if she is unable to buy food, because our monthly money runs out too soon.

it is hard to be an independent Apple developer. one has to learn to live under low money conditions. ii guess it is the love for what ii do.

but ii guess ii also like the hardness. ii keep nurturing this vision that ii am making enough money for all my family needs with a little extra for keeping us happy just by simply handcrafting software that receives 5 star reviews.

but please imagine how helpful it will be right now, when You buy one of those features You do not really need, just to support the ongoing work on the code.

You will not regret buying extra sounds for Your notifications, the extra sounds go very well with the Random Alert Sounds feature. and You will be pleasantly surprised by the versatile abilities of the Dream Recorder.

if you are having fun with my code,
my kids should eat food bought with your money,
banana and honey,
ii wish us both luck,
to get clearly un-stuck,
ii sell the app for free,
because ii am you,
and you are me,
ii want you to see,
how it comes to be,
a lucid dream,
no loose, nor win,
ii rather count you in,
to the endless bin,
where ii begin,
and the invisible chin,
has a headless grin.

oh, let me buy a Dream Recorder,
to record this headless no-order,
oh, have a chiwawa on the beach,
and thanks for reading this pitch.

enjoy, Your Headless Standup Programmer
a.k.a. Miha Plohl

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