since my previous post ii again experienced a code crash. ii could not reproduce it. after a day of thinking about it, ii finally came to the conclusion, that it happens because the database (CoreData) goes woohoo, and all ii get back when ii read from it, is a nice "null".

at the time of typing this ii am unable to find the cause of this behavior, mainly because ii am unable to reproduce the crash. but ii did manage to write the code which will catch the inconsistency and present a nice message when it happens. the solution is to wait a little, so the device memory gets freed or something magical happens and all works fine. when that does not work, simply restart the app.

but don't wait for it, it does not happen often, it happened exactly three times in four days, since ii first saw it. and it happens only if You are using the Dream Recorder and it happens only if the device had been in sleep mode for a long time. it always happened in the morning when ii first opened Lucid reality Check.

anyway, the rest is stable and ii am already having plenty of fun recording my dreams as well as waking life experiences.

ii also bumped the version number to v2.7, it sounds nicer and maybe v2.5 was simply not the lucky one ;)

UPDATE: 7 April

today ii found a way to reproduce the strange bug with CoreData. ii refactored the relevant code and have a good feeling about it.

again, ii submitted the app for review. this must be the seventh time ii did a "reject binary and resubmit" stunt with Lucid Reality Check. may it work now!


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