on March 31st ii thought the app was ready and submitted it for review to the AppStore.

then later in the evening, just before going to sleep, ii wanted to take it with me and it puff, it crashed.

a crashing app never survives the AppStore review, so ii pulled the app out of review and went debugging.

almost a thousand lines of code added and almost a thousand lines of code removed later and also three days later ii am again uploading Lucid Reality Check v2.5 for review to the AppStore.

ii am so glad ii almost did not sleep, ii am so glad ii went into all those details. the app does not crash, it's stable and ii made sure all the "bugs" went away as well. ii feel good, an app that does not crash is much more likely to be published by the AppStore app reviewers.

from my point of view, Lucid Reality Check v2.5 looks polished. it is a point of view from the future. ii was literally seeing the app before everyone else. in a sense ii created the past from the future.

if you are reading this in the past, then know, the future has already happened, Lucid Reality Check v2.5 was published and everyone enjoyed it just as much as ii do.

until the past comes...


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