ii will tell you a very short story, outlining what astral projection really is and how to avoid doing it without purpose.

first, let me initialize the environment in which astral projection can take place.

as the name implies, there has to be an astral plane.
so where is this astral plane?
is it separate from you?
is it somewhere else?
is it not contained in your spacious, boundless self-awareness?

yes, you are correct. the astral plane is not somewhere separate from you. it is always present, always right there, intertwined with your waking life.
it is in the dishes you eat out of, it is in the food you eat, it is in the air you breathe,
it is in the words you speak, it is in the driving wheel, it is in the people,
it is in the trees, it is in the thoughts, it is woven into the fabric of color,
it is in the things, it is in the light that you see, it is in the light that you are.

now the environment is setup, ii can continue the story with a little boy and his mother, who is a astral projectionist, without being aware of it, doing it in waking life without purpose.

there is this little boy in the kitchen, he finds a knife and begins to play with it, as if it is its shining sword. the mother comes by and immediately astral projects: "you will fall and cut your self badly! give me the knife". the boy is now subject to her astral projection. he says: "no, it is my sword". he makes a few steps and suddenly falls, cuts his finger, there is blood, the mother is screaming, she takes the knife back... the astral projection was a total success, although its purpose wasn't.

then later on, the mother is taking her boy for food shopping. the kid says: "we will buy a small car too, mama". and the mother astral projects, without being aware of it: "no way, ii do not have the money to buy you small cars every time we go shopping for food." boy cries, the mother is upset and nervous.

as you may be thinking already, her astral projections are not very well purposed, probably because she is unaware of the power of them and the fact that she is interacting with the astral plane, right here in waking life.

luckily, this time, the father, aware of the astral plane, is near their conversation and astral projects with purpose like this: "ii have money for the cars".

this is it, end of short story. you may have been unaware of the astral plane until this moment.

but from now on, you will astral project what you want and what you need, just like the aware father
in the story did. you will stop separating your spirit from your body, that is an imaginative state,
you will stop searching for the astral plane
and recognize the astral plane all around you,
within you.

without you, there is no astral plane, you are the
astral projection right here and now, you can give your astral projection the purpose you want and need.

from now on you will be aware of what you astral project,
your astral projections will have purpose power.

astral projecting in waking life can be dangerous, the boys mother proved that very well, but it can also lead to abundance of joy, when you stay aware of it, like the father showed us.

so enjoy your astral projecting in waking life with purpose!

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