ii am reading my first dream log (paper runs out, dreams never) and trying to pick the right record to demonstrate how a dream log entry is written.

after a long re-reading here and there, and because all the stories are so interesting, ii decide to present my first really lucid dream.

this is how it goes:

me and my company (ii felt them as twelve very good friends, who were always walking behind me and beside me) are walking across a very large city market completely full of people. ii feel the dust in my nose rising from the many footsteps in the sandy floor. the sun is high, people are dressed in white and gray loose clothes (just like those from movies about the roman empire). when ii walk, the crowd steps away and ii walk effortlessly. a man and a woman walking with us turn away and back off from me, while the man is loudly cursing. ii see this immediately and swiftly follow them. my friends follow me as well and many others too. while walking toward the angry man ii use two fingers pointed to my eyes to tell him to look at me, or we will not be able to continue. ii step in front of the man and look at him. he is at least three heads taller than me. his beard is dark, his hair is short and black. his head looks like a greek philosopher. his eyes are dark brown. his woman is standing beside him, curious people surround us entirely.

ii say: "look in my eyes"

he does not respond and ii become aware, that he thinks ii am inferior to him, because of my small appearance. without thinking twice ii spread my arms and start to flap like a bird. this slowly lifts me up into the air and ii can now see his eyes in front. as if burning from inside his eyes become like golden fire around the pupils. ii can feel his fear and my own lightness, the extremely fast pulsating movements in the shoulders, as if ii had wings not arms. ii forget about the man and am completely absorbed by the orgasmic energy going through my back. in this orgasmic floating ii become aware of an idea, that ii may be dreaming!

right in that moment someone from the crowd yells out:

"look Jesus!"

still flying ii look at the people toward the spot where the voice came from. the whole market turns to me seeing me fly like an angel. here ii become fully aware that ii am flying, flying! some kind of Bliss fills me, and ii can physically feel it. ii look back at the mans eyes and they become crystal clear and real.

from all the powerful energies going through my body and from the orgasmic thrill, that ii am flying in the middle of a dream, with real angel wings, ii awake quivering and shocked in the middle of a warm bed.

and so my life made another flip and turned upside-down the way ii see the world and my self.

it's possible to fly,
and we are all holy.


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