does it have to be explained, is it not your home, to be insane.

standup programming is about the fact,
ii can dance while doing some hard-nutt coding.

ii can decompress the spine, while being completely relaxed and straight
upside-down, headless first person, divine reality,
ii can move quickly in any direction without moving at the core of the heart, at the center.
the code then naturally comes flowing. all ii do is follow the orders of the heart.

there are many hearts ours out there,
and hearts are made from only one "subtlestance",
one can see this, by looking straight into the heart,
into the crystal single eye,


is my race,

ii breather, you breather,

ii sisther, you sisther,

ii no other, you no other,

ii you, you ii

see the missing face,

that there is no race,

this all is you,

this sentence is not reading it,

the headless space, the feeding tit.

ii can see how ii oppositely fit,

all stuff inside this silly now,

let me just stand,

and stop this bogus hand,

from command.

how time goes by without a single command.

it feels unreal if you can't overstand.

ii must be god, but ii do not command,

ii give power to the golden shower,

ii gaze out of the maze,

ii and ii, no more you and i and i and you,

we are not two, bu hu hu,

this kindness is not loving blindness,

unity in simplicity, when all is inside one.

who is one?

we are one.

who is we?

we are we.

who is we?

we is me.

who is me?

me is you.

who is you?

you is who ii see.

who is who ii sees?

it's light.

what is light?

light is what is seen.

what is what is seen?

me. it's me. ii see me.

who is me?

me is one.

who is one?

one are we.

who is we?

me is we.

who is me?

you is me.

who is you?

ii see who you are.

defining a singular object in programming languages commands the operating system to allocate, to exist, only a single memory space for this object.

the first person view is the operating system, full of existing allocated singular objects.

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