ii use only three "techniques" to remember my dreams in the morning and ii can do it even if my little children watch cartoons while ii wake up (ii do not sleep in the same room as them, but in the morning they come to the room ii sleep in and play).

don't move just after waking up, right after the moment of realizing you are lying in bed waking up, right there, just stop and don't move the body, don't even open the eyes, nothing. remain as you are and think about the dream, go back in time, follow the events back, how did you get there... until you have repeated all the dreams in your minds eye, simply do not move.

it sounds very simple and it is, but it takes a little practice to master. if you haven't tried not to move on awakening before, you may be surprised with the first results ;).

not moving the body keeps the current fractal configuration of the universe intact, and with this the access channel to the memory of the dream stays open. as soon as the fractal configuration of the universe changes, any open channels are closed and re-buffered with whatever comes to your attention. in practice, a loud sound could temporarily completely divert your attention from the dream recall process, but if you would remain still, without body movement, you would still be able to download all the visuals and informations. because not moving the body, keeps the channel open.

the second way ii get my dreams back into working memory, especially if ii fail at the don't move trick, ii do whatever there is to do and ii don't pull. a very subtle technique, takes practice, but also very efficient. ii simply let the dream come back. it may take a while. ii don't try to pull the memories out of memory, this is counteractive, it should not be felt as effort, if ii can't remember immediately ii am fine with that, ii don't get emotional about it, ii simply trust the dream will enter into memory at a later time in the day without any effort.

it also helps to ask good questions about the dream. like: how did ii feel? what emotions were there? what colors? was there movement?

these kinds of questions open the channel up and you can download again.

the most important and last technique is the dream log. always write down your dreams in first person, include everything you can, draw pictures, pictures can keep a lot more information than words. do it consistently, write the log every day. if ii can't do it right in the morning, ii will do it as soon as possible.

this is all there is to it. just three simple ways ii walk to increase my dream recall.

ii wish you don't move on awakening and dream lucid!

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