ii mean, come on. look at this one star review:

Lame/Weak - ★ by oldscoobysnacks - Version 2.0 - Jan 9, 2012 I got the update, and the new stuff cost 99 cents each. I suppose it's legal, but it's definitely shady. Now when I see this meditative app, I just think about the slimy, and extremely greedy stuff they're trying. Thanks for trying to rip me off, but you're not going to 99 cent me to death. Way to ruin an app!!

this is not an act ii want to achieve in my waking life, to "rip you off" is not what ii wanted or intended.

ii was simply coding my app, ii wanted to make some money for my family (ii am supposed to do that, or what?), ii wanted to be rewarded for my effort, so ii added those in-app-purchases. ii really did not think about how ii did it too much. but i guess ii should have. ii learn slow.

besides this ii am not making any "real money" here. it won't pay any kind of bills. in fact, if ii make any "real money" with this app then ii must be a wizard!

ii simply want to see many, many, many lucid dreamers in this world. ii simply want to share my app with you. why? because lucid dreaming makes me a better, more aware and conscious human. ii am in need of better humans very much, ii want to see all the world transformed.

so please fellow lucid dreamer or lucid dreaming wannabe, if you read this, go ahead buy one of the three extra power features and receive the other two with the upcoming upgrade to v2.1.

and here let me insert a little preaching to "oldscoobysnacks": what you say to others is what you are.

so let me not be sad because of one stupid review and just continue with my effort. ii am sure other Lucid Reality Check users will appreciate it.


the title of this post could also indicate that the dreamer that wrote it could be hiding some greed and a rip off from him self. every dreaming has some universal cosmic meaning and you are the center of all that burning of attachments.

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