Lucid Reality Check v2.0 received a three star review from america. and it clearly stated it does not like the per-feature payments for extra power features.

ii read app reviews, like they were written from a divine source.

if god/dess says the app is not well designed ii redesign.

ii have already written the code, it is only a matter of waiting for the review to finish.

in a good week or so, one will be able to purchase all three extra power features for the current price of one!

this will give fellow dreamers more value for their almost-dollar.

all those dreamers who already bought any of the extra power features will just need to upgrade to v2.1 in order to unlock the rest of the features.

if You haven't unlocked the extra power features, ii recommend You wait for v2.1 or simply purchase only one of the three extra power features (Auto-repeat Alerts, No Alerts During Sleep and Disable iAds) and receive the rest with the upgrade.


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