though one has to pay for these two features, they seem to really be worth the dollar.

without the autorepeat feature one has to interact with the app at every alert. this works fine to a degree. sometimes one wants to simply leave the device laying somewhere and still be alerted throughout the day.

it also happens one is right in the middle of doing something with the device, like facebook-ing or browsing the net, then an alert happens. one has to switch to the app to reschedule and this effectively breaks the current mind-process of facebook-ing and browsing the net.

with autorepeat ON, the app schedules 64 alerts in the future. if one is browsing the net and an alert is displayed, there is no need to reopen the app. one can simply ignore the alert, do a reality check and continue without ever living the current onscreen app.

iOS has a limitation on the number of Local Push Notifications that can be scheduled, its 64. but this is a large number and one will rarely run out of alerts, there is a big chance one will reopen the app before they run out. quickly reopening the app will reschedule the next 64 alerts in the future.

if one sets the Max Alert Interval to an hour or so, the alerts should last for almost three days of hands free reality checking.

when one finally goes to sleep, one does not want to be bothered with alerts. this is where the No Alerts During Sleep feature comes in handy.

lets say one sets the From field to 22:00 and the To field to 6:00. with the Autorepeat Alerts switch ON, the app will schedule 64 alerts leaving the interval from 22:00 -> 6:00 not scheduled. so there will be no alerts during that period. the alerts that fall into that period are moved forward in time, so they run after 6:00.

these two features are a great improvement to Lucid Reality Check and ii really like how it turned out. gives me more space and almost hands free operation. ii simply reopen the app now and then while the alerts just keep on working for me. sometimes ii can hear the Donkey right from the next room and ii quickly check if ii am dreaming. actually ii try and do as many reality checks as ii can and yes, ii could be dreaming, but not right now.

tonight ii had a really important dream, since ii somehow went to a conference with Dalai Lama and did not recognize Him nor the conference, very likely due to my nervous almost self-unaware behavior ii exhibited. some people from the conference staff wanted me to bring water with just a wooden basket (which would not hold water, it looked just like the one ii use to bring wood to my waking life house) to clean a room in the back of the large hall (because someone puked in there?, or maybe it was simply a toilet). ii was sitting on a wooden bench in the first row just like the rest of probably 10.000 people, got very angry throwing the basket at the stage (not succeeding though) while at the same time an old friend calls me out from the crowd: "Miha!", as though ii am ought to do that as if ii will have to do it in any case whatsoever (later in the morning ii saw my beloved cleaning the bathtub and ii took over, this could be the toilet job at the conference). some kids played with plastic swords swaying towards me, ii took it badly, grabbed the nearest sword and broke it in half. the kid bursted into a beautiful cry, softening my heart in an instant ii found my self saying: "if you don't swing it at me ii will buy you a new one" (later at breakfast ii actually broke two wooden swords, because my older son Bit was swaying it towards me, ii did not think twice, there was crying, the swords were repaired with tape, but a few minutes later ii was playing with him again feeling deeply that this growth period of "swinging swords at fathers" is completely over with this strange act of mine, ii even went and carved another small sword for my younger son Bit). ii woke up from this dream at four in the morning, Lucid Reality Check was not yet alerting. ii visited the bathroom, doing a reality check while cleaning my nose and exerting fluid into the "thing that looks like a mushroom if looked at in 2D vision", returning to bed and using the device as funny candle to write down the dream in the log. repeating thoughts and confirmations: "ii will dream, ii will remember the dream, ii will become aware of the dream..." until ii fade out again. there were many spooky dreams inthere (like a cat phoning me to say: it is alright now), so let me just tell the amazing part here on the web. ii entered into a bus, there was a man in the back, asking where ii was coming from. ii started to loudly talk, which he stopped with a gentle: "shhh", explaining to me, that ii must have been at the Dalai Lama conference. while he was speaking, ii noticed a little baby he was holding in his arms and it slightly opened the eyes. later ii woke up when ii was trying to use a brand new red colored machine with very strange looking parts to cut something out of a piece of flat wood. the machine worked, but there was no sound, ii almost hurt my self putting the wood into an opening and found my self asking my (also waking life) beloved who was right behind me: "didn't you get a manual with this thing?".

so please dear dreamers, if You need a manual with Lucid Reality Check, use the Feedback button located at the bottom of the Settings and report any issues or problems with these new features! ii will be more than lucky to help out or remove bugs for You.

ii wish You have some prophetic or lucid dreams as a reward for using these new great features!

Thanks Very Much!

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