Lucid Reality Check v2.0 will be presenting three fresh new power features:

â™» Autorepeat Alerts

With Autorepeat You can schedule 64 alerts in the future. Example: using the maximum Alert Interval of 10 hours Lucid Reality Check schedules approximately two alerts per day for a whole month. The Autorepeat setting removes the need to reopen the app on every single alert giving You almost hands-free reality checking.

☽ No Alarms During Sleep

Prevent the app to schedule alerts while You sleep. Or exclude a part of the day from scheduling.

$ Disable iAds

If You do not like iAds, this setting will remove iAds from the main screen.

Besides these:

  • plus and minus buttons for more precision when choosing the Max Alert Interval

  • retina display support and improved graphics

  • many other invisible improvements and bug fixes!

Enjoy this uplift and dream lucid!

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