several users reported they do not really want to open the app every time an alert happens. well, i still do not agree, but to give everyone their style i am implementing another mode for scheduling alerts, which will make the need to reopen the app almost obsolete. at least for 64 alerts, which is the top amount of Local Notifications an app can schedule. i am also adding a setting for sleep time, when the alerts are not scheduled.

all these new features for power users will be protected by an InAppPurchase "Unlock Power Features" Button so the basic app will stay as good as it is now. Unlocking will also remove the iAds as a bonus.

maybe we can then get some fresh lucid dreams with these extra features and maybe my power users will like them.

thanks in advance!

Created in Web_itunesartwork Lucid Reality Check 23.12.2011 19:28, updated almost 11 years ago by kitschmaster
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